Tabletop Torches

If you are looking for the perfect torch to place in the middle of a patio table or on any kind of table around your garden space, then you will love the tabletop torch options that we offer here on our website. These different types of torches are ones that are perfect to have set in the middle of a table when you are out on your patio. Take a look at the various options that we offer and find one of these torches that you will enjoy using on a regular basis. It is so easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for here on our website, as we offer a wide selection of tiki table torch options in a range of styles.

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Check out the huge selection of different types of table torches we offer here and find the very best one that you can enjoy using around your patio. We offer a large selection of different types of table torches that are ones that will look great with any patio set. You’ll be able to find these unique torches in many tones including black, brown, jade green, gold, and white. There are also some unique tabletop lamp options that are ones that come in many attractive shapes and styles. Browse our entire selection of tabletop options and find ones that work for you. Once you’ve finished looking at these items, browse other areas of our website where you’ll find Kona torches and an aluminum gas fire pit.