Sconce Torches

Decorate your garden with something that has the look of a garden torch while being something that you don’t have to put into the ground when you choose from the items here on our website. You’ll be able to choose from a huge selection of quality garden sconces when you look at all the different types of sconces that we offer here on our website. These sconces are the perfect way to add the look of a garden torch without having to spend time trying to get these torches to sink into the ground properly. Our sconces are sturdy items that are perfect to use to create a beautiful fire accent out in your garden. With any outdoor torch sconce, you’ll be able to add the beauty of flame to any fence, wall, or deck that is part of your outdoor space.

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Our attractive sconces come in a range of designs so you’ll have no trouble finding something that is beautiful to look at. Choose from quality items like our textured black sconces or some of the attractive copper sconces that we offer on our website. You’ll be able to choose from a range of items to make sure that you can find the perfect kind of wall sconce that will work out in your garden. You’ll even be able to find some that will match well with different types of garden torches that you might want to place elsewhere in your yard. If you’re interested in picking out more fire accents to use in your yard, browse the huge selection on our website and find items including a metal outdoor torch and some beautiful glass tiki torches.