Paraffin Oil

Pick up the perfect kind of oil to use in your tiki torches and other outdoor fire accents when you shop the selection of garden torch oil that we offer here on our website. The oil is what keeps a flame alive and burning so it is extremely important for you to find the perfect kind of oil that you can use with the various torches that you have out in your garden space. Here on our website, we offer a range of different paraffin oil options so that you’ll be able to keep your torches going all the time. The flame is what makes these torches beautiful and helps to add light to your patio, so we provide you with all the best oils that you can use.

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As you look through the wide selection of oils that we offer, you’ll find a variety of different types of oils and containers with different amounts of these oils so that you’ll be able to find just the right kind of oil to suit your needs. We offer both normal paraffin oil and citronella paraffin oil which is perfect for repelling insects. Using citronella scented oils can be a great way to naturally repel insects that might otherwise bother you when you are sitting out on your patio and to add a bit of aromatherapy to the space. Consider the different options that we offer and find the right kind of oil for you to use around your home. After you’ve finished looking at these oils, make sure you have items to use these oils in like a garden torch or an attractive outdoor torch sconce.